Half A Star
Nick Fagan as "Larry"

Nick Fagan is a BA graduate from the University of South Australia majoring in Professional Writing and Drama. As part of Nick's studies, he has participated in many University amateur theatre and film productions. It was in 2001 during a university course production of 'The Thespian', Nick was spotted by amateur theatre group 'Acting Up' and asked to play the lead role of Gabriel, a dying man trying to make sense of his life in their original production 'The Blue Couch' for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Nick's next notable production was again in the Adelaide Fringe Festival, a couple of years later in theatre company Charlie Fandango's original production 'Karaoke'. In this production Nick played the character of MD, a cocky medical student after an old flame, only once realising she has moved on with another man.

In the 2007 Adelaide Fringe Festival Nick performed in Arkham Entertainment's '10 Minutes', a collection of four short ten minute plays. Nick played the character of Will in the play 'Subverting The Will', a story about hidden love between two long time friends.

Most recently Nick has finished acting in the locally made, low budget mocumentary film 'Justice Squad', playing a superhero named Electrode, a character with the power of electricity. Justice Squad is expected to be completed and screened in 2009. Closer is Nick's first theatre role since 2007.