Half A Star
Stage Manager
Amy Klar : Stage Manager

Amy Klar has always loved theatre and has very much enjoyed exploring its various elements over the last few years. She has performed in productions of The Wedding Singer (MBM, 2008), The Producers (MBM, 2007), Footloose! The Musical (MBM, 2006), West Side Story (The MET, 2006) and The Sentimental Bloke (The MET, 2005).

Her experiences with costume includes costume designing for Westminster School's production of Alice (an offbeat take on Alice in Wonderland) and assisting with costumes for The Producers.

She has also been a prop assistant for MBM's Driving Miss Daisy and designed the slideshows which were a part of the scenic designs for both Driving Miss Daisy and The Wedding Singer.

This will be her first time stage managing and she is very excited to have been asked to work with the talented cast and team behind Closer.